Shift: The Board Game

Shift is a board game for 2-6 players. It is about Love, Fear, Work, Relationships and Human Behavior ... and it might just change your life.

Shift is a psychological game, in the sense that we, through self-examination and laughter, can begin to understand where our thoughts are coming from and the power they hold. All of our thoughts come from love or fear and once we are able to recognize where our thoughts come from, we can further understand where our thoughts are taking us. Shift reminds you that you have the ability to control your thoughts once you are aware of what you are thinking. What you believe is what you will experience.

Shift includes thoughts from great minds such as Buddha, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and more. To put a spin on things, a stand-up comedian has taken some of these concepts and make them more fun. So, go ahead and laugh!

The Shift web site offers more information about the game, blogs from the creators of the game, and a very nice demo (actually a tutorial) that steps you thru how to play the game, and shows you some of the reasons that the game can become so life-changing.

Note: This is an archive post; it was originally published on January 27, 2006.

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