Perseverance Pays Off For Board Game Inventor

George WeissGeorge Weiss has been an inventor since the 1950s, and he received his first patent in 1958, but he's never had a big success. But now, after about 80+ inventions, he just might have it.

The 84-year-old's word game Dabble has won the 2011 "Game of the Year" Award (in the Word Games Category) from Creative Child Magazine, and has been picked up for distribution around the country. "With a little luck, this might be a big game," says Weiss.

Dabble is known as "The Fast Thinking Word Game", and the game is pretty simple to play. Each player gets 20 letter tiles, and the object is to create 5 different words within 5 minutes – a 2-letter word, a 3-letter word, a 4-letter word, a 5-letter word, and a 6-letter word.

Dabble Tiles

The first player to do this wins the round, and earns a point for each unused letter from his opponents. The first player to get to 100 points wins.

'If you can spell you can play,' said Mr Weiss.

'The idea just came to me three years ago and I started cutting up plastic tiles and creating a five-tiered rack for them to rest on'.

Mr Weiss added that his advice to any aspiring inventors was 'never give up'.

'Even though I've always hoped and tried for one of my inventions to come to fruition, a lot of my satisfaction comes from seeing the finished product that I created with my two hands, and having the people I know value my ideas and support me in each endeavour,' he said.

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