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ScreenlifeScreenlife, creators of the popular Scene It? DVD games, is planning to add more than a dozen new titles to its collection this year.

American Idol fans can relive unforgettable moments from one of TV's hottest shows as the American Idol-All Star Challenge DVD Game hits store shelves this March. The game mixes traditional board game play with real clips, exciting challenges and questions related to the show. The living room is transformed into a stage as players scrutinize the best and worst performances from the first four seasons of American Idol.

Also new this year from Screenlife is DVD Blast! This fast-paced trivia game challenges individual players or teams with real clips and puzzlers from hot Hollywood properties. DVD Blast! will be available in three debut titles: Family Guy, Austin Powers and Survivor. Featuring on-screen scoring and played entirely with the remote control, it's perfect for parties, travel or a few spontaneous rounds at home.

Another exciting fall arrival will be Banzai, a DVD game based on the hysterical television show that's quickly become a cult classic. Who's more capable of catching a squirrel in the park with a fishing pole? And how many chocolate pies can a man in a shopping cart jump over? Players will get plenty of laughs as they wager sushi pieces on these and other bizarre Banzai stunts, using only chopsticks to fill the betting bowl.

New from the Scene It? line are several fresh titles packed with real entertainment clips, hundreds of trivia questions and on-screen challenges. Players who need an immediate pop culture fix can transport themselves to the Central Perk with the Scene It? Friends Edition>, which debuted in January. The game includes all 10 seasons of the hipsters' memorable escapades, and challenges players to prove just how well they know their Friends. Trivia questions like,"Which of Phoebe's songs is made into a music video?", "What is Joey's signature pick-up line?" and "Who was the only Friends star to direct several episodes?" bring the Emmy Award-winning show back to life.

Set to launch this fall is Scene It? Nickelodeon Edition, a game that will keep younger players amused for hours as their Grossology knowledge is put to the test. Favorite clips featuring SpongeBob, Cosmo and Wanda, Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, Tommy Pickles, Aang and other beloved Nick characters will be paired with trivia questions and on-screen challenges such as "Grosser than Gross" and "Slime Bucket".

Screenlife will also introduce four original Scene It? Super Game Packs in 2006, incorporating some of the hottest properties from movies, sports and TV. Scene It? Comedy, NFL, Disney and The OC Super Game Packs each contain a game DVD, trivia cards and other accessories that, when combined with any Scene It? game board, supply an entirely new playing experience.

In total in 2006, fourteen titles will join the ranks of Screenlife blockbusters such as the Scene It? Harry Potter Edition, the top-selling board game of the 2005 holiday season, and the Scene It? TV Edition, named 2005 Game of the Year by the Toy Industry Association.

Note: This is an archive post; it was originally published on February 18, 2006.

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