National SCRABBLE Association Endorses SCRABBLE Cubes

SCRABBLE CubesIn an announcement that spells F-U-N for SCRABBLE fans, WorldWinner has signed an agreement with the National SCRABBLE Association (NSA) to jointly promote the online game SCRABBLE Cubes to tens of thousands of SCRABBLE fans on the NSA Web site, as well as online and offline events.

WorldWinner is the leading provider of online game competitions for cash prizes. The National SCRABBLE Association represents thousands of word game enthusiasts throughout the United States and Canada and sanctions more than 250 local SCRABBLE tournaments every year.

SCRABBLE Cubes is an online variation of the classic crossword board game, and has consistently been one of the most popular games at WorldWinner since its launch in 2006. The NSA will introduce this new online SCRABBLE variation to thousands of SCRABBLE fans, and allow WorldWinner players the opportunity to compete against some of the best offline wordsmiths in the world.

“Playing the classic SCRABBLE game competitively adds a new level of excitement for any SCRABBLE enthusiast and we’re excited to introduce our members to WorldWinner’s SCRABBLE Cubes game, which allows them to compete online for cash prizes,” said John Williams, executive director, the National SCRABBLE Association. “Now, SCRABBLE fans can compete in online tournaments on WorldWinner whenever they’re looking for some friendly competition.”

WorldWinner will host an online SCRABBLE Cubes competition in 2008, in which the winner of an online qualifying match will compete against the 2008 National SCRABBLE Champion.

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Note: This is an archive post; it was originally published on October 2, 2007.

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