!dentity Crisis

Laura Robinson, co-inventor of the popular party game Balderdash, is launching !dentity Crisis, a fast-paced, hilarious celebrity guessing game. The new game will be published by Mad Hatter Toys & Games, and was introduced at the Canadian Toy and Hobby Fair in January 2006.

!dentity Crisis, like its predecessor Balderdash, is based on a popular parlor game. !dentity Crisis brings teams together to guess the names of the famous (and infamous) – from Madonna to Tiger Woods, George Washington to Donald Trump. Three rounds of play become progressively more challenging and crisis cards add extra laughs.

"We've updated a concept called 'Celebrity' for modern gamers and thrown in a few curve balls to make it even more fun and exciting to play," says Robinson. "It's a riot!"

Balderdash, which has sold over six million copies worldwide, is the classic bluffing game where players try to out-bluff each other with daffy definitions for words in categories such as Laughable Laws, Weird Words, Incredible Initials, Marvelous Movies, and Peculiar People. You get to make up an answer that's as silly or as serious as you want, and score points for guessing correctly and for bluffing the other players. With the real answers often proving even more outrageous than the bluffs, Balderdash is great fun for the family or a gathering of your friends.

Note: This is an archive post; it was originally published on February 10, 2006.

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