Board Game Buzz, June 24, 2013

Board Game Buzz

Here is the latest board games news and reviews, for the week of June 24th, 2013:

Jupiter Deep Game Review

Father Geek brings us a review of Jupiter Deep, a self-published title from Whirling Derby Games:

Jupiter DeepFor the Child Geeks, Jupiter Deep was found to be a lot of fun. Child Geeks as young as 5-years-old were able to join in on the excitement and had a blast being part of the team. The Parent Geeks really enjoyed Jupiter Deep, showing the same level of excitement as the Child Geeks. They wanted to immediately give it their approval after they played the game once with their peers and then again when they played it with their families. The Gamer Geeks enjoyed their time with Jupiter Deep, but their level of enthusiasm for the game started to dwindle when they realized that they could beat the game every time they played it. Would I recommend Jupiter Deep? Without hesitation. [link]

Ponder Review

Major Fun shares a review of the Ponder kids board game with an amphibious theme:

Ponder Ponder is a delightful game from Mind Twister in which you race to get your toads from one side of the pond to another. This is perhaps the most fun you can have on a pond that contains no actual water. Ponder's design is both silly and perfectly clear. The art is great, and the rules fit easily on one sheet of paper. It's playable by a wide range of ages and there is more than a shallow end to the strategy. It can get a little deep out in the middle. [link]

Amish Man Creates a Racing Board Game

From the site HarnessLink comes news of a board game based on the very popular – among some folks, apparently – sport of harness racing. The Midwest Harness Racing game comes from a very unlikely source:

Midwest Harness Racing GameWhat is even more interesting than the game itself is the creator of the game. That person is Samuel Borntreger of Edgar, Wisconsin. Samuel, age 30, works at a saw mill near his home in Wisconsin. He is Amish and he knows all about trotters and pacers since they have no automobiles, no electricity, and must rely on horses as their means of transportation, for working the fields and on their farms. He would not allow his photograph to be taken for this story due to his beliefs. Samuel knows about harness racing from the grass roots, the county fairs where horsemen race for purses and there is no betting. [link]

Yedo: Servants of the Shogun reviews the game Yedo, set in ancient Japan:

YedoYedo is very succesful strategy of the European type (euro), where you have to think and plan and always be one step ahead of your rivals. A large number of options and therefore more complicated rules make it difficult game to start (and almost impossible for beginners), but once you learn everything, you'll enjoy excellent balance and interesting game. Yedo is not for inexperienced players, but advanced players will enjoy an interesting experience. [link]

Finding Ms. (or Mr.) Right at the Board Game Table

From the New York Times comes news of a new match-making activity from the leading online dating site,

Match Stir Game has itself found a partner, the board game industry, to liven up events. On Tuesday, the company began holding what it is calling Stir game nights, where singles gather at bars and restaurants to play games like Bananagrams, a word game, and Spontuneous, a music game. The company will present 30 events through the fall in its top 25 most popular markets. The goal was to find games that could be learned quickly and enjoyed in short rounds, which ruled out long-lasting games like Monopoly and Risk. The coming events will feature about a dozen different games made by six companies, which have agreed to supply games to be played and given away. [link]

The games offered on Match Stir Game Nights include: Bananagrams, Zip-It, Chronology , Gotcha!, Name 5, Spot It!, and other titles from Buffalo Games, Endless Games, Blue Orange Games, Spontuneous Games. Wiggity Bang Games, and Marbles the Brain Store.

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