Zariba Domino

Zariba DominoThis is a version of Draw Dominoes that you can play online, against the computer or against other players. Free registration is required for live play, or login as a guest to play against the computer. The game features rich graphics, slick animations, and easy gameplay. You can play against one, two, or three opponents.

Zariba Domino Rules

The player with the highest double lays down the first domino. Players then alternate turns, playing one tile whose number(s) match an open end of the layout. If no moves are possible, the player must draw tiles form the boneyard until a play can be made. If the boneyard is empty, the player must pass. The first player to play all their tiles wins the game!

For more comprehensive instructions, refer to the in-game help, or Draw Dominoes Rules at

This game was created by Zariba Games.

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Last Update: October 10th, 2017