Don't Get Mad!

Don't Get Mad!Don't Get Mad! is a fun and addictive version of the classic family game of Ludo (known commercially under such names as Parcheesi, Sorry, and Trouble).

You play the game online, against the computer or against other players. Free registration is required for live play, or login as a guest to play against the computer. The game features rich graphics, slick animations, and fun sound effects.

The goal is to move all four pawns of your color into the four fields of the same color on the map. Winning the game depends on your luck with the dice but also on the bonuses placed on the game field. There are some traps which can easily change your winning strategy into a losing one. You can be leading the game and very quickly go from first to last, so try to keep your frustrations in check and keep playing till the end. Don't Get Mad!

If you're unsure how to play, check out the well-done in-game help. This game was created by Zariba Games.

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Last Update: October 24th, 2011