Board Game Buzz, May 27, 2013

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Here is the latest board games news and reviews, for the week of May 27th, 2013:

Quarantine: Video Review

Quarantine"Quarantine is a project I've been working on since late 2009. The quarantining mechanic injects some interesting player interaction, and it also serves as the driving force behind a very unique relationship between the function of tiles added to your hospital and their spatial relationship with each other. Players must be concerned with increasing their capabilities, but also must be concerned with the shape of their hospital and the placement and orientation of tiles within it. The game is very open: It allows players to form interesting combinations of tiles and actions. There are many opportunities for creative plays." [link]

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Il Vecchio Review

Il Vecchio
"At it's heart, Il Vecchio is a worker placement game. Each player starts with four workers on the board, and the goal is to get victory points. Ultimately, I enjoyed my time with the game and was very happy that I wound up playing it. I don't know that it will become a permanent fixture in my theoretical ideal game library, but I would highly encourage you to check it out if you're ever presented the opportunity!" [link]

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Stones of Fate Game Review

Stones of Fate"Stones of Fate at its heart is a memory and pattern matching game overlaid on a deck of tarot cards, complete with both the major and minor arcana. Most of the hardcore gamers that played the game were disappointed in the simple gameplay, but the casual gamers that gave it a go seemed to appreciate the balance of skill, luck, and strategy. While there wasn't enough there to keep the hardcore gamers engaged, the casual gamers felt empowered without being overwhelmed." [link]

Call of Cthulhu: The (Living) Card Game Review

Call of Cthulhu"Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, like Arkham Horror, is set in H.P. Lovecraft's world of Cthulhu. In Call of Cthulhu, each player is attempting to explore various stories that they have heard about. At any given time, there will be three stories on the table that you may commit characters to investigate. I thought the game was enjoyable, and that people who love the theme could really get into this one. I was glad to get to play it, thought it wound up as my least favorite of Fantasy Flight's living card games - but that is more of a testament to how good the other games are than a knock against this one." [link]

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Swords & Heroes Game Review

Swords & Heroes"The Gamer Geeks all had a wonderful time with Swords & Heroes, hated the game board, loved the cards, and were overjoyed how engaging the game was without feeling overwhelming or weighty. And yet, the game does have weight and a great deal of depth. Swords & Heroes has a rule set that is very easy to learn and empowers the players to make important choices without being bogged down by complexity. All the Gamer Geeks agreed that Swords & Heroes was a well designed 'introduction to wargaming game' they would be happy to play again." [link]

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