Tetris Link

Tetris Link is a table-top version of the famous arcade game, where players link Tetriminos (the iconic Tetris blocks) of the same color to score, while blocking opponents, without leaving any holes in the game tower.

Players take turns rolling the die and dropping blocks known as Tetriminos into a grid. They attempt to link same-colored Tetriminos together to earn points, while simultaneously blocking opponents from doing the same. Points are earned by linking three or more Tetriminos together, but points are deducted for leaving empty spaces in the tower grid. The game ends once the tower is completely full.

Tetris Link is a Mensa Select award-winning game!

  • Features both linking and blocking strategies
  • A new twist on the popular game of Tetris!
  • Link Tetriminos to score points while simultaneously blocking your opponents
  • Track score while playing with built in scoring markers
  • When the tower is full, the player with the highest score wins!
  • For 2-4 Players, Ages 6 and up. The average play time is about 15-20 minutes

Published by: Techno Source

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