Lead your troops. Take a risk. Rule the world! Enter a world of gutsy adventure -- a world where every decision, every move, every battle is a nerve-tingling risk that will either reap rewards or spell disaster. Choose from three exciting ways to play -- beginner, classic and two-player head-to-head.

Conquer your opponents with superior strategy when you play the game of Risk! Only the strong will survive in this exciting, unpredictable game of global domination. Use your troops to invade new territories and roll the dice for the increased rewards that come with bold moves. Will you attack with enough fierceness and luck to drive other troops out of their territories? If you can, you'll expand your reach. If your opponent's defense is too much, you'll lose! You'll earn bonus troops for more powerful attacks by turning in cards or taking over whole continents. If you conquer enough territories, you'll be the victor, so Risk isn't just the name of the game it's how you win! With 3 ways to play, you can learn the game, take on the classic game, or limit the game to 2 players. The decision is yours. The time is now. Do you have what it takes to dominate the world?

Risk includes:

  • gameboard
  • 5 armies with 40 infantry, 12 cavalry and 8 artillery each
  • deck of 43 cards
  • 5 dice
  • two reference cards
  • rules

Published by: Hasbro

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