Monopoly - The Godfather Collector's Edition

Would you like to play Monopoly? It's an offer you can't refuse! Here's your chance to expand your family's interest and muscle your way into some of the most iconic locations from The Godfather film trilogy. Set forth on your quest to own it all, but watch your back!

It's Not Personal. It's Business. Buy, sell and trade your way through the most memorable locations from The Godfather movie trilogy. Buy a stake in Moe Green's Casino or take over the Corleone Lake Tahoe Estate as you work your way to the top in the "family business." And as you wheel and deal around the board, from the Woltz Mansion to the legitimate Genco Import Company, remember to "make them an offer they can't refuse."

Monopoly The Godfather Collector's Edition includes:

  • game board with film locations
  • 6 collectible tokens (including the horse head and dead fish)
  • 28 title deed cards
  • Friends and Enemies cards (replaces Chance and Community Chest
  • Mob money
  • 32 hideouts (houses) and 12 compounds (hotels)
  • 6 Don cards
  • 2 dice

Published by: USAopoly

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