KerFlip is the award-winning, shoot-from-the-hip style word game that rewards players for making words faster than their opponents can. Featuring a unique flip-scoring system, novice spellers can make small words quickly for larger point values, while master wordsmiths will enjoy the challenge of identifying longer words. In fact, they'll have to just to keep up! This makes KerFlip an ideal pick for families and word-nerds alike.

The first time a tile is used, it's worth 10 points. Once it's been scored, flip it to its orange side. Now it's worth only 5 points to other players. KerFlip is easy to learn and completely original.

An ingenious box design makes cleanup a breeze; just funnel used tiles into the hidden collection cup, then pour back into the draw pouch. No more searching for lost tiles! Any way you look at it, KerFlip raises the bar for originality and fun in the word game genre!

KerFlip has won a number of awards including Games Magazine's "Games 100". the Oppenheim Gold Seal Best Toy Award, Dr. Toy, Creative Child Magazine Game Of The Year, Major Fun, and Mensa Select.

  • Award-winning game design: play right in the box!
  • Unique flip-scoring system rewards players for quick-thinking.
  • Ingenious tile collection system ensures no more lost tiles!
  • Fast, fun gameplay that appeals to families and word-nerds alike.

Published by: Creative Foundry Games

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