InStructures is a fast-paced, highly-interactive race to build wooden block structures against the clock. InStructures is a challenging and competitive board game that easily adapts to a variety of skills and ages. Two teams race to build the structure as shown on cards (the blueprints) by only using verbal instructions from another team member (the foreman). The team that correctly completes the structure wins the round and comes closer to winning the game.

InStructures helps build communication skills, encourages critical thinking and problem solving, helps improve understanding of spatial relationships, sharpens listening skills, and rewards teamwork. InStructures is most competitive when played with 4 or more players. However, modifications can easily be made for 3 players and can even be enjoyed 1-on-1, particularly if the players are younger.

Parents can play with their kids (and still be challenged). Kids of a variety of ages can play with each other. Adults, young and old will love it, too! Nearly every round of play requires everyone to participate.

InStructures is a Mensa Select award winner for excellence. The game is designed for 4 or more players, measures 9.5-inches by 2.5-inches by 5.75-inches in size and includes 38 wooden blocks, 72 sets of blueprints, a game board, a 60-second timer, dice and instructions.

Published by: Jane's Games

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