Flippin' Out!

Played like the Classic SHUT THE BOX Dice Game... but with LETTERS! Say the category is Boy's Names. You say Mike before the 15 second timer runs out, and flip the letter M down so it cannot be used again (by either player or team). Your opponent says Brian and flips the B down. Teams or players race back and forth in 15 second increments as they eliminate the available letters until someone can't answer. It's high energy, fast-flippin fun!

Flippin' Out: The outrageous category-party game where a Letter or a Player is eliminated with each Flip of a Chip! Can you come up with a Rock Band beginning with the Letter "P"? How about a board game beginning with "N"? Players and teams race back and forth flipping letter chips that correspond with the answers they come up with. Once a letter is flipped, it can NOT be used again for that category. You're either FLIPPIN' or you're OUT!

Published by: Endless Games

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