The King is dead, and there is no clear successor! And your eyes are set on the throne. To be victorious in the coming succession struggle, you must spread your influence across the countryside. Every area you capture brings you one step closer to the crown! Your foes will field a set of pieces identical to yours, so you will need to outwit and outmaneuver them to succeed. Fealty is a game of positioning and territory control. Each turn, all players add one piece to the game board, with increasing constraints on placement as time goes on. Weighing the choice between capturing valuable cities or larger swaths of forests and fields will be a key concern. Every game will vary, as there are twelve 6x6 duchies that will fit together to form the kingdom. The player who has maneuvered their pieces to place the most influence onto the board wins!

One copy of Fealty contains enough pieces, boards and cards to play two simultaneous two-player games or a single two, three or four player game.

Published by: Asmadi Games

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