Coffee Talk Game

Coffee Talk asks players what instantly comes to mind when the topic is, say, "Las Vegas". Write down whatever pops into your head, and when time is up, you score a point for every unique answer on your pad. Sweeten up your opponents by playing a sugar packet when they do not think your answer works. Cream a topic that you do not want to play and try for another one.....and when you draw an Instant Coffee card from the bag the round is played out loud until one player is freeze dried and cannot think of anything else to say. Keep score by moving your coffee bean up your coffee cup. Be the first player to make it to the lid and enjoy the sweet flavor of victory!

Coffee Talk includes:

  • 150 topic cards with 300 topics
  • 15 instant coffee cards
  • 12 sugar packets and 12 creamer cards
  • 6 plastic coffee beans
  • 6 coffee cup scoring boards
  • 45 second sand timers
  • 6 scorepads and rules

Published by: Pressman Toy

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